Our Products

All our products, during processing, are controlled through a quality system in order to ensure the compliance of the individual pieces.

Production takes place under constantly controlled full cycle, from the design to the assembly stage. Starting from the brass bar and by means of internal hot steel forming, we obtain details that, through subsequent processing of transfer machines with hundredth tolerance, are finished and assembled in order to shape the finished product.

During the assembly and mounting of the operating lever, each valve is automatically subjected to the most severe tests, which guarantee its perfect watertightness.

The pieces that do not pass the tests are subjected to a supplementary survey in order to provide design and production engineers further details on anomalies and possible changes to be made. The production cycle has therefore been organized so as to ensure the reliability of the final product.

Quality service is in direct contact with both the company's general management and the customer and represents a mediation between the company and the customer him/herself; it collects needs and expectations in order to put them into practice through service and product improvement.

A dedicated department selects and approves external suppliers through acceptance check, which is implemented through physical, dimensional and functional assessments.

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