Fittings for meters

Brass sandblasted fittings for water meters available in the following versions:
- Single-coupling kit with or without thread
- Double-coupling kit with and without thread
- Coupling kit with non-return valve and without thread
- UNI double-coupling kit without thread
- Coupling kit with internal hex key without border


Each kit version is also available in its single version.
By single kit we mean 1 spigot, 1 cap, 1 gasket
By double kit we mean 2 spigots, 2 caps, 2 gaskets


All kit versions are supplied in labelled bags.


Spigots can be threaded in compliance with UNI ISO 228, UNI ISO 10226-1-2, NPT

Spigots and caps can also be sold separately without bag.

Article 985

Article nine hundred and eighty-five

Water meter kit

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